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Zero Trust biometric email & file security integrated with Outlook and Gmail

5-minute onboarding

No more passwords

Makes compliance easy

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Zero Trust security model

When implementing a Zero Trust security model you shouldn’t question if your accounts or devices will get get compromised - assume they will. With Sealit, the sensitive data in your emails and files will remain fully protected even in that scenario.

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Only one click to full protection

It takes one click from your existing inbox to encrypt your sensitive emails. It takes one click to encrypt any file format on your desktop. We made sure your workflow isn’t disrupted as we add a strong layer of protection to your sensitive data.

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Nothing changes but your safety

Sealit is compatible with your existing collaboration platforms. Whether you use Outlook, Gmail, Skype, Slack or Microsoft Teams we have you covered. Sealit makes your communication safe without changing anything else in the way you work and collaborate.

Preventing human error. Ensuring higher security.

Human error accounts for over 90 percent of cyber attacks on businesses, so you need to have a system in place to minimize the risk. Our patent-pending end-to-end encryption ensures each facet of your business is protected.

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Email protection

File security

Active monitoring

Effortless encryption

Sealit add-ins for Outlook & Gmail allow you to encrypt emails with sensitive data directly from your existing inbox with one simple click.

Email protection

Sealit add-ins for Outlook & Gmail allow you to encrypt emails with sensitive data directly from your existing inbox with one simple click.

File security

When you secure files using Sealit no one will be able to access them without your permission. You are just one click away from having full control over your data.

Active monitoring

The Sealit web portal gives you a detailed security overview of your most important asset – your data. The portal lets you invite your team members or other collaborators to join Sealit and access your secure activity dashboard.

Passwords are over

When creating passwords, you need to choose between strong protection and ease of use. With Sealit you can finally have it all.

Our app uses biometrics as authentication which provides you a seamless protection experience. Unlike passwords, biometrics cannot be taken away from you, there’s nothing you need to remember, and you always have it with you.

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Exceptional partnerships and integrations






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End-to-end encryption for emails and files

End-to-end encryption makes sure that only you and the people you intentionally exchange emails and files with can read their content. If anyone else tries to access emails and files protected with Sealit, all they will see is a message informing them the data is encrypted.

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Email and file decryption

Decrypting an email or file means accessing its original content. Since encryption is a process of transforming plain text into a code, decryption means doing the opposite – reverting the code into its original, readable form. However, decryption is possible only if a person has a key. With Sealit that key can be your biometrics since we provide the mobile app for secure access to encrypted emails and files.

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The importance of encryption

If your device gets stolen or your accounts get hacked, there is nothing that can be done to protect your business from experiencing a data breach, unless your data was previously encrypted. Consequences of a breach include more than permanent harm to business reputation: according to regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, legal entities are obliged to adequately protect personal and other sensitive data from third-party access, otherwise they risk facing financial and other charges.

Fast & easy implementation

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You don't need an advanced IT department to get started with Sealit. Our intuitive onboarding means your team can start collaborating securely in no time. Sealit is like a burglar alarm for your data – once you set it up it protects you silently in the background.

Industry agnostic solution

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With ongoing cyber security challenges in mind, we designed a solution that is easy to adopt across all industries. From financial services to technology, medicine, law, accounting and real estate, we can ensure your business gets top-quality data protection you can count on.


Who can use Sealit? arrow icon

We tailored Sealit to be suitable for every business or private individual who wants to be in full control of their data. However, our products are mainly used by companies which operate in the most data sensitive industries such as real estate, technology, legal and financial services, health care, accounting etc.

What are Sealit emails? arrow icon

Sealit emails are just like your regular emails – but fully protected. With Sealit, you can finally encrypt directly from your inbox in just one click. Once you protect your emails with Sealit they will remain safe forever.

Which email providers is Sealit compatible with? arrow icon

Sealit emails can be sent for all Microsoft Exchange users via Outlook and Gmail users. This allows you to send encrypted emails directly from your existing inbox using your own email.

What are Sealit files? arrow icon

Once you protect your files using Sealit, they become Sealit files - no file extension is visible. When you decrypt them, files appear in their original format. That way, even the format of your confidential files is unknown to any potential intruder.

You can protect any file format -whether it’s .pdf, .ppt, .doc, .jpg or any other. No restrictions.