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Zero Trust encryption that protects all your confidential emails, files, and chats in your existing tools. Work better, sleep better.

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Sealit lets you send files to anyone completely securely. It’s as simple as uploading your file on the left and selecting your recipient.

Easily share confidential data without worrying about breaches

Sealit Communicate

Uncompromising security without compromising your productivity. With native Outlook, Gmail, and Slack integrations Sealit Zero Trust is all you need to guarantee absolute privacy while also easily sharing huge files, and tracking client engagement.

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Enhance client engagement without compromising your security

Sealit Collaborate

First cloud storage with Zero Trust encryption where no one other than you and your collaborators, not even Sealit, can decrypt your data. Sealit brings all the benefits of a well-structured cloud data room without centralizing risk with a third party.

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Understand your data vulnerabilities in seconds without an IT overhaul

Sealit Monitor

Automated monitoring tracks every bit of data your team flagged as confidential. Always know what data is active, who is accessing it and from where. Understand your security footprint and your vulnerabilities in seconds.

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Seamless compliance with one click

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Leading Zero Trust security

Sealit identity is your key to your data. With our mobile app you always have it with you, activate it biometrically, and unlock what’s yours. Without your identity your data is invisible to anyone including Sealit.

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Get secure, stay efficient

With native Gmail, Outlook, Slack, iOS, Android integrations Sealit allows you to continue working the way you do. Far from adding friction, Sealit helps businesses operate better – get notified on client reads, setup structured client secure spaces, share huge files securely directly from your email.

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Automated monitoring

What you don’t know can’t hurt you doesn’t apply to data protection. Sealit silently monitors all access and activity on emails, chats, or files flagged as confidential, allowing you to always know what sensitive data is currently active, who is accessing it, and from where.

Email protection

Sealit add-ins for Outlook & Gmail allow you to encrypt emails with sensitive data directly from your existing inbox with one simple click.

File security

When you secure files using Sealit no one will be able to access them without your permission. You are just one click away from having full control over your data.

Zero Trust data room

Sealit Secure Spaces is the first cloud data room built on a Zero Trust security model – stay safe and organized with no effort and no passwords.

Active monitoring

The Sealit web portal gives you a detailed security overview of your most important asset – your data. The portal lets you invite your team members or other collaborators to join Sealit and access your secure activity dashboard.

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The ease of adding Sealit our email infrastructure and the ease of use is what we liked the most.

Michael S.

Managing Director

Legal Services

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Wonderful Email Encryption Software for financial companies. Wasy to send and receive ncrypted emails that no one else can view.

Verified Reviewer

Financial Services

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encrypting the email attachments was amazing for security

Gautam K.


Computer & Network Security